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Lafayette County Emergency Management
National Terrorist Threat Level
Gotta clue what to do? MAKE A PLAN!

If you live in Lafayette county and you're wondering how you're going to help when a disaster or major emergency occurs, you might want to think about joining CERT!

Our next CERT class starts Tuesday, February 22, from 6pm to 9pm (location to be announced). We need people to register for the class ahead of time so we have enough books for all. The class is free and lots of fun. Make this once a week commitment for the six weeks and receive a lifetime of preparedness knowledge, besides you'll get the opportunity to interact with like minded individuals like yourself who want to help the community in time of need. This year we're hoping to help out with Pioneer Day and other Lafayette County public events.

To register contact Lafayette Emergency Management: Alton Scott (386) 294-1950 or the CERT Coordinator: Eric Black (813) 600-9598. You can also go to the "Contact Us" link on this page and send us an e-mail.