Types of Auto Glass: OEE and OEM

oemIf you desire a new windshield or other sort of auto glass, it is imperative to consider not simply the glass firm that will offer the work, instead also what type of supplies they will utilize for your auto glass replacement. Unlike other types of glass, auto glass is designed specifically to meet the demands for the safety application. Inferior glass or adhesives can result in not just a reduced quality product, instead in reduced safety levels as well.

Auto glass is utilized to avert dangerous wrecks because of a piece of rocks or debris striking the windshield of a vehicle doing a great rate of speed. When selecting the new auto glass, the types of auto glass which you can opt for includes; OEE auto glass and OEM auto glass. To make a vital decision, you have to know the difference amid the two types.

OEE auto glass

OEE refers to the original equipment equivalent in the auto glass market. It is nothing but an aftermarket glass. The manufacturers of this specific auto glass type are independent and so have no contract with the original manufacturers. Due to this, the OEE auto glass firms are also not legally allows to produce a glass of identical shape, color, thickness and more.

Inexpensive cost is what fascinates the people towards buying OEE auto glass. This sort of auto glass is eventually affordable than the OEM glass. However, OEE glass does not come with any sort of guarantees as that of the OEM glass. Albeit of this fact, this auto glass is preferred by many people out there. If you desire to have a cost-effective broken window replacement, then this might be an idyllic option to consider.

OEM auto glass

OEM or Original equipment manufactured glass is specifically identical to the auto glass, which you would receive from an authentic dealer expect the fact that it would not be factually from the same distributor. OEM glass tends to give the same color, size, thickness, shape and durability as that of the original.

If you have decided to procure OEM auto glass, then you will have to identify a reliable auto repair center, which offers best quality OEM glass. OEM auto glass is extremely durable; however the cost of this glass is a lot more expensive. The type of glass comes with similar kind of terms of guarantee to that auto glass created by the manufacturer. OEM auto glass and windshields can be procured from an auto dealer authorized by the genuine vehicle manufacturers.

These are two important types of auto glass available for your vehicle. When it comes to choosing the one amid the two, there are many factors which you must consider. If budget is your concern, then OEE glass can be considered, however, if high quality and utmost safety is your key purpose, then buying OEM auto glass can be the best option. Ensure to choose the one considering your requirements and budget. Auto glass is one among the most vital component of your vehicle.


Are Colored Windshields Legal?

coloredWindshields are front glass of any vehicle like aircraft, bus and car. These are used for the protection of vehicles and also for them who are in the cars. It protects the travelers from wind, dust and debris and also harmful UV rays and rain water. In previous days ordinary window glasses were used as windshields. However as the technology has become advanced today, laminated glass became in usage as windscreen instead of ordinary glasses.

Windshield is such an important component in a vehicle which defends the inside of car and also passengers of the car. Most of the windshields, available previously in market, were not tinted. But now a day most of the car manufacturers practice tinted windshields. However, tinted or colored windshields are legal as per windshield laws and for some medical issues. These are useful for their advantages and also for the appearance of the car.

Advantages of Tinted Windshield

A tinted windshield is advantageous to people in many ways. It can protect the dashboard of the vehicle and also the passengers in it from harmful sun rays. Temperature in the car can be normal through the use of tinted or colored windshields. Since it is helpful to not to temper the inside of the car. Chances of skin cancer from the injurious UV rays can be reduced through the use of colored windshields. On the other hand, visibility of window glass is increased due to effectiveness of colors.

Film coating is used to tint the wind glasses. A conception is there that film coating may darken the color of windshield and thus may decrease the power of visibility. But the advancement in film technology in new era makes it happen to have a clear film which can reduce the temperature of inside of the car and also clear both day and night visibility.

In previous days tinted windshield was not legal. Now a day a new kind of film named crystalline 90 is innovated. According to DOT law this kind of clear coating could be used in window glasses. But it should not be less than 70% of the Visible Light Transmission or VLT. Crystalline 90 has 90% VLT and most of the other films have 78-80%.

It has power of maximum heat rejection. Windshield is the largest glass of the entire body of a car and thus it can allow a large percentage of heat of sun. Therefore it is ideal for this front glass, windshield.

DOT law has become effective one in that way that, it allows the car manufacturers to practice tint or film coat on window glasses. This color coat on glasses not only can lower the temperature within car or bus or truck, it can also protect dash, entire interior of vehicle and passengers in the vehicle. Harshness of the sun cannot reach to you as this film coating reflects it from outside. A crystalline window consists of 1700+ SPF and it blocks 99.9% UV rays. That is the reason this is recommended by the doctors as preventive for skin cancer.


A Storm Cracked My Windows – Should I Consider AZ Mobile Windshield Replacement?

Glazier replacing windshield

In general, your windshield is not at the top of most people’s car maintenance to-do lists. But in some situations where hail or a loose rock hits and cracks the windows of your vehicle, then auto glass replacement is the only thing that you need to go with for solving this issue. When the auto window is cracked by storm, the overall security of the vehicle is at threat.

Hail storm damages

Usually so many of the vehicles take the brunt from hail storm, this is because they did not have the alternatives to protect or cover their vehicles. Some of the natural elements such as hail, rain or wind blowing other objects to the vehicles are because of the severe damages to the car. In case your windshield is damaged anywhere in Arizona, you should consider the easy solution: AZ mobile windshield replacement. You require verifying with your insurance policy provider to know that you have coverage for any storm damages, if there are then they will provide the info regarding coverage that you may have. Apart from this they also offer the info about what you will deduct for replacement. Then you can decide if you are considering the windshield replacement or chip repairs. If the issues are more severe, then it is better to have an auto windshield replacement; as a legal option.

Mobile windshield replacement services

When you notice damages from hail on your windshield, usually you have no time to have it repaired correctly. Once this happens, an auto windshield replacement is essential. This type of services may offer many advantages to the passengers and drivers who are seemed to get the time to meet their glass specialist. Most of the glass replacement provider offers the mobile glass replacement services also. This means that the services come to your office or home; you need not waste your time for visiting the service provider company. This type of mobile service allows you to continue your work while a professional technician replaces your windshield.

Instant response

This type of service is very aid to the people who are accessing bulky machinery, or even constructional vehicles which are damaged by storm hail. Arizona mobile windshield replacement services will come to their workplaces and replace the damaged glasses professionally and quickly. This type of instant response makes the individuals to get their vehicle back to the task that are with a little downtime.

This service also eliminates the problems of transporting the damaged vehicle to a separate location. Even you can also get this service for RVs and semi trucks. The windshield services are very essential for this type of vehicles that is for marinating clear vision on the road. In order to operate the large vehicles safely it is very important replacing storm cracked windows. So for this purpose considering the mobile windshield replacement is very beneficial and also very protective covering for your vehicle.

Read This First If You’re Thinking Of Repairing A Windshield

Windshield repair is a common thing that many people deal with at some point in their lifetime. Even a simple rock hitting the windshield may result with a chip and the cost of the repair varies on the basis of the type of the damage and vehicle. It is very essential to consider some facts before fixing windshield, otherwise this process may complicate very quickly.

Before choosing the repair process, you must ask yourself a series of questions, many of which can modify the result of the task. By realizing what goes into the windshield repair process, you will be capable to get the task done at right manner and also even save your future expenditure.

Replace or repair?

The primary thing that you need to determine is whether the windshield damage requires the repair or replacement. Sometimes the repairs can be done by yourself, but the professional are limited in what they are able to do. The small damages such as crack and chips may fix with the appropriate tools, but it will not be able to fix the cracks which are longer than 3 inches and also the size of the chip damage bigger that about a quarter of it.

If in case you are not sure, then take your car to a professional glass expert and take their advice about fixing your current windshield. Repairing a windshield is easier than replacement. In case you have a quite tiny chip then you need not get it repaired at all. In general chips grow the cracks very quickly; if you are not taking the car in to get fixed instantly then it may result with widespread crack which is very hard to repair. So in such condition you get the repair services immediately.

Do it yourself

If the issues are not too bad, then repairing damage yourself can cut the cost of repairing a windshield. You can get DIY kits which are available in the so many automotive stores. You need to make sure that the kit should not exert the pressure on the surface of glass.

Check if your insurance covers windshield repair

There are so many insurance companies that can pay for a windshield replacement. If in case you are thinking to have only a fix achieved at an auto shop still check out your insurance coverage, since repairs are often added as well. So this will help you to have some certain amount of deduction.

If in case the windshield repair is necessary, then hire the auto glass repair service provider who gives you a quote. Then read the fine print on the warrant for repair services. Ensure that you compare the cost of different number of firms before choosing. While price should not be the major element, but it still a consideration. Before hiring the company read the review of that firm since the repair services should be durable and the poorly fixed glass may lead to issues such as leaking.

Local Companies Can Do Quick Scottsdale Windshield Replacement

kw4If your windshield has cracks, dings or any kind of damages, you should not waste your time in thinking and need to call service providers immediately after discovering the damages. If you are in Arizona, your half of the problem is solved as there are numerous companies that provide you the quality services in terms of repairing your windshield. The experienced technician equipped with sufficient knowledge in this field makes you satisfied regarding their work. As far as the safety is concerned, you need to follow the rules to protect your driving and having a quality windshield also comes under legal provisions of Arizona.

Why windshield replacement of Arizona is best:

Having damage in a windshield is a very common factor in Arizona as hot weather causes problems in windshield. Apart from that, the speed bumps of the road are very dangerous for your automobile glass and that leads to improvement in the quality of Scottsdale windshield replacement to give the best quality services to meet the client’s needs. We may get the damage, whether on your way to home or the office; you do not need to think much as the windshield repairing companies are just a call away from you. They mainly provide 7 days service in a week as to protect your life and others.

The services that windshield replacement companies give:

In Scottsdale, you can find the best services for your automobile. They not only install the windshield with great care and complete protection, but also use the top level of glass quality and adhesive that make your car damage free. The technicians excel in this field and they have a great understanding of the environment and the various kinds of damages and that makes them great in service providing. Some services offered by the companies are:

  • Quick services as per your needs and convenience.
  • You can ask for help no matter wherever you are in Scottsdale.
  • Provide you the best quality glass and other accessories.
  • Every service comes with a long of period of warranty.
  • The services are in affordable rate without charging any extra or do not have any hidden cost.
  • Experienced technicians share knowledge to get the best solution of your problem.
  • You can go with either glass replacement or glass repairing as per your needs


So, whenever you car’s windshield get any damage, you can enjoy the best quality services with Scottsdale windshield replacement. You can also get many offers along with such work as the companies arrange your glass insurance and if you have already insured your car, then the company takes the responsibility to get your claim and you need not take much trouble in between. If you need any kind of assistance regarding your car’s protection, you can consult with the technician freely and take the best measure for your safe driving. Keep your car protected always and avoid the road accident as much as possible. You can take the help from the local companies.

How Common Are Auto Glass Repair Specials?

repairAuto glass repairing is a common factor for the car owners. As the auto glasses are integral parts of automobiles, these are needed to repair or replace while getting damage. Windscreen with having cracks may cause accidents on road. Now a day, in the era of new technologies there are some new implementations in the process of auto glass repairing. In previous days, vehicles with damaged glasses were required to take to the service centers for repairing. But, those days are gone. In this new era of technology all are busy with their tight schedules. So service centers also changed their policies according to time and they took a new trend of mobile auto glass repair.

In this new process you can acquire free repairing services at your door steps by calling at service center. This new technique is both time and money saving. You can also save your fuel, as you need not go anywhere. Moreover mobile auto glass repairing system is advantageous in many ways. Not only these, mobile auto glass service centers also offer special discounts on packages. Though the Mobile auto glass service specials are useful and pocket friendly, they also need to notice in some areas.

Seasonal Discount packages

These service centers for repairing and replacing all kinds of auto glasses, offer discounts at the time of Christmas, Easter etc. They also provide automotive coupons and cash back offer such as 50% cash back.

If your auto glasses are damaged at the time of any big festival, you can get this opportunity. But be careful about your vehicle. Do not be fooled by the alluring offers by service centers. Do not compromise with the condition of your vehicle. Bad conditioned glasses can lead to a serious accident and severe car injury. Often they can tell you that your car needed a glass replacement, while it is in a condition of only repairing.

Coupons for Promotion

Mobile auto glass servicing companies often give promo coupons to the lucky winners among customers for promoting their companies at a certain location. These servicing companies are often tied up with the insurance companies. Thus they can offer insurance policies those are effective and useful enough for the customers. At the time of new opening, some of the companies offer advantageous deals.

May be these companies are reliable, but try to avoid new one without getting sufficient information. Auto glass repairing and replacement requires knowledge and expertise enough to deal with the exact detection of crack or damage in glass. So at first make sure that the technicians of the new company are experienced enough. Then you can go for the discount facilities.

However cash back, coupon codes, discounts are also very useful as well as the facility of free mobile auto glass services. Time and money consuming repairing and installation systems are now backdated. You should acquire new innovations and ideas for your new generation cars. Thus you can save your money along with getting free service from home.

Do Mobile Technicians Also Replace Motorcycle Windshields?

mirrorsThe windshields of motorcycle is for giving the rider a protection on the road and like the automobile, windshield of motorcycles is an important part of the vehicles. The road accident has become very common in these days; be it bikes or cars, nothing is safe on the road unless they follow the safety guidelines. If your bike’s windshield gets damaged, you need to replace the windshield as soon as you discover it. If you think the damage of the windshield may not cause any harm to you, then you are putting your life at risk.

The benefits of windshield of your bikes:

The windshield of your bike gives you many advantages as far as the riding is concerned. Due to the potholes on the road, accidents no longer happen accidentally and that is why the concern about the driving safety is growing day by day. The motorcycle windshields also come under the safety issue as it gives an ease of the riders to drive safely.

The windshield protects the life as it resists the riders to hit directly to something due to losing the control over the bikes. Not only that, but bike windshield resists the level of wind drag that helps the bikers to ride in a smooth way. There are other benefits that your bike windshield gives you that is you can enjoy the clear view as you can wear the open-faced helmet if your bike has the windshield. So, if your windshield gets cracked or damaged, you should replace it as soon as you can. In addition, many companies provide the mobile services for your bike’s windshield that helps you to get it repaired no matter wherever you are.

Mobile windshield services:

Now repairing windshield of your motorcycle is no longer a hectic issue as you can get your problem fixed anywhere with the mobile services. You can call them up and they leave no corner of your dissatisfaction in terms of the services. There are many types of motorcycle windshields, including permanent, detachable, motorcycle fairing and electric windshield and as per your demands the replacement is done.

Permanent windshields are those that come under the part of original construction and if any damages happen on it, the damage can be repaired or the replacement of the windshield is suggested. In the mobile services, you can have your problem fixed in a very quick way. Unlike the automobile windshields, the bike’s ones are not layered glass and it is even more expensive than your expectation as the materials make the glass expensive. When it comes to a bike windshield replacement, there would be no choice of repairing for the technicians. Make sure the height of the windshield is comfortable for you and it also a major factor on the road. You can consult with the experienced technicians for the suggestion and any organization provides free consultation and that too as per your convenient.  So protect your rides by having a quality windshield for your motorcycle. The cost of the replacement is determined by the size, quality and complexity of the glass.